The True Cost Rhetoric Analysis

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Everyday, people spend money buying products that they don't know how and where they've been produced. Someday and somehow we have to think out of the box, open our eyes and see what is truly happening in the real world, as well as find out the consequences of buying a new product everyday in order to make us, the audience emotionally happy. The use of visual rhetoric is a perfect way to show us, the audience, the things that happen in the world that nobody talks about. In this case the documentary, The True Cost, is a film with main purpose to effect the audience and also make us understand the downsides of the fashion industry as well as how we might be affecting our own environment without knowing it . A visual rhetoric that is being used multiple times in the film is …show more content…
Pathos is a rhetoric that shows people's emotions, facial expressions and, feelings. There are numerous examples throughout the film that connect with pathos and along with that they attract the audience’s interest and enthusiasm. The people's interviews can also be effective and sometimes can lead to personal thinking regarding to our everyday lives, translating to the purpose of the film. Effecting the audience is the main purpose of the film. The director successfully passes the message accross the audience by using true stories. Many times people don’t know the real working conditions behind the fashion industry. In The True Cost there are many scenes showing the tragic working conditions that people go through every day, in order to earn a small amount of money. Moreover, in the movie a single mom talks about her everyday life, which is mostly spent at the factory. She also talks about her young daughter that does not get to see her at all since she is at work all day. Because of that, her and other working mothers had to give their children to other families so they can have a better future without having to go through any tragic working conditions. Nevertheless, the single mom