The Truman Show Analysis

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V\The Truman show essay
In the 1998 hit movie, the Truman Show directed my peter weir depicts a young man who has grown up in an island called sea haven. Unknown to Truman Burbank he was been bought by a cooperation who has been filming him his whole life. All the people he has every met have been actors. To Keep Truman from finding out the real world or to stop him from escaping, the cooperation has used a range of tactics from fear to deception. These include the fear of water who was onset by his dad drowning, to him wanting to be an explorer and being put off by his teacher and finally his co-workers stopping him from going to Fiji.
1) The fear of water has stopped Truman from finding out the truth. This all happened when Truman and his father kirk went on a nice boat ride, this was all planed out of cause. When kirk and Truman are a little bit, out at sea the weather begins to change and the water starts to become choppy. In the desperate measure, Kirk says to
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Truman Like every other kid is naturally vulnerable at a young age at being discouraged form an activity. The deception element come into play when Truman is in school and the teacher goes around the room asking what everyone wants to be, Then she gets to Truman and he says he wants to be an explorer. She then answers “Oh your too late there really is nothing left to explore”. This tactic has obviously worked in that at a very young age Truman has been told he can do what he wants to do. This has mentally affected him and caused him to stay in the island, this is only deception Truman could go and explore of he really wanted to but he was deceived into thinking that everting place had been explored. The use of deception has been used all through Truman’s life from childhood to when has is older and is