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You are an Ethics Advocate. Write a speech to the Ethics Committee recommending the film The Truman Show, directed by Peter Weir.

advertising and media manipulation identity Have you ever wondered how much your life is influenced or controlled by the media, how our lives are recorded day after day from security cameras and we don't even take notice anymore, well the Truman Show is the perfect movie to watch to get your mind spinning. Hello, my name is Amelia and i'm here today to talk to you the Ethics Committee about the Truman Show and address the different types of Ethical principles used against in the film which make us think about the way we live our lives and why I personally think this film is genius.

The Truman Show deals with many different ethical issues from identity, privacy and media manipulation but also gets the responders thinking about how easily they are pulled in just like the audience in the movie. He uses many techniques and the first one I would like too talk about is privacy. During the majority of the film Truman is venerable, clueless and innocent as he is being taken advantage of and he is not even aware of it. One of the scenes that shows Truman as extremely vulnerable is when he is in his bathroom using his imagination and getting ready for the day ahead.

It is an extreme invasion of privacy as this is something that is usually extremely private and it in the framing he is mad too look like a prisoner in this world that Christof has created for Truman. From the camera coming from inside the mirror he is looking into he has no idea that there is an audience watching him through it and therefore he is letting his imagination run wild.

The next ethical issue that Peter Weir brings forward during the film is how easily the people are manipulated by the media. If you think outside of the film imagine how many hours are filmed of Truman doing boring normal human behaviours like sleeping and eating but people still watch the television show day after day. This gets us thinking that how much does the media manipulate us into watching reality TV of just normal people doing normal everyday life things.

Through-out the film they use advertising too sell things to the outside world of Seahaven that Truman is not aware of through fake and artificial smiles. An example of a scene where this happens is when Meryl is holding up the Chef's Pal with a artificial smile on her face saying 'it's a dicer, grater, peeler all in one! " and the way she is faced directly towards the camera with