The Truman Show Review Essay

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Peter weir guides us through a cinematic masterpiece. This swashbuckling adventure of a man trying to find himself tells us the story of Truman Burbank (Jim Carrey) and his entanglements with his god lead by the nasty Christof (Ed Harris).
This wonderful story is inspired by real life; Christof has created his own utopia for Truman and is never restricted to make his life perfect. Truman is unaware that he plays the star on the most popular reality television show; he has his life manipulated and filmed on an island inhabited by actors since his birth. While everyone around Truman is playing a part, he is cheerfully ignorant about the truth. He thinks that his whole life is real and is obliviousness to the situation.
For 10,909 days Truman’s life has been filmed and watched by millions, up until the day that a former member of the cast sneaks back onto the set with a warning for the star, Truman begins to suspect that appearances can be deceiving. Director Peter Weir, who has also directed the cars that ate Paris, picnic at hanging rock, and the last wave, has led us on a tale about media strength with a surprisingly affecting drama about one man's search for the meaning of life.
It is striking to observe the way that Jim Carrey portrays his character Truman. It would be fair to call Carrey’s performance wonderful. The whole way through the movie you start to forget that this is an actor portraying the role of a normal man, if I didn’t know that Carrey was an actor I…