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Our society has changed from a manufacturing oriented society to an information society. Those with access to capital had power in the early nineteen hundreds. In the twenty-first century, however, power will come from access to information. The amount of worldwide information is growing at a rapid pace Computer technology is responsible for much of this growth, but it can also help us manage the information. Information management is an important use of computer technology. Director, Daryl Richardson of Harmond Technology, describes four other reasons why the average person may want to acquire thorough knowledge of computers.
Computer skills are becoming more important in the business world. Many companies need employees with excellent computer skills.
Computer skills can often simplify one’s personal life. Computers can be used to entertain, to manage finances, and to provide stimulating learning exercises for children.
Using computers can provide a sense of accomplishment. Many people suffer from “computerphobia.” Learning to use computers often creates a feeling of connection with the information age.
The Internet and other information resources provide access to a global database of information.

THE INTERNET -------------------------------------------------
An Evolution and a Revolution
The Internet is largely responsible for the information explosion we see today. Many people and organizations contributed to its development over many years. The following table shows some high points in the evolution of the Internet.

Year Event Responsible Person/Agency 1969 Beginning of the Internet Advanced Research Projects Agency (ARPANET) 1971 Email invented ARPANET