The Truth About Companionship Essay

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The Truth About Companionship Companionship is nearly everywhere. Whether it’s a brother, sister, dog, wife or just a friend, most people have a companion in at least one form or another. It isn’t quite clear why we have these attractions to each other but somewhere deep down there must be an underlying cause for these emotions we share for one another. There are many examples inside the book of mice and men that express the author’s opinion for these emotions, from Candy’s dog, and Curley’s wife to of course Lenny and George. All of these are a great examples for the authors view on companionship, let me explain. First off the companionship shared between Lenny and George is very obvious and is seen even from the beginning of the novella. They are much like brothers in a sense, they travel and live together everywhere. In the Novella they are referred to as "travel buddies" by the other workers. George is always looking out for Lenny if he gets in trouble or not, or if he is doing something wrong and might get in trouble. Even though this may seem bothersome to some people they share a bond like brothers that always has George looking out for Lenny.

Another good example of companionship is between Candy and his dog. Candy loves his dog very much and it is shown very well. In the beginning of his book he is always with his dog and petting it and such. In the scene when Carlson said “if you want me to, I’ll put the old devil out of his misery right now and we can get…