Essay about The Truth About Human Trafficking

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Eckard Johnson
6 October 2014
The Truth about Human Trafficking Human trafficking takes place in various countries all over the world. One of the main continents that is affected by this violation of human rights is Europe. Christopher Smith, a member of the Helsinki Commission Ranking, describes human trafficking as “the recruitment, harboring, transportation, provision or obtaining of a person for labor services through the use of force, fraud or coercion for the purpose of subjection to involuntary servitude, peonage, debt, bondage, or slavery” (Commission on Security and Cooperation in Europe 3). Smith is saying that slavery is still happening in the world today, but the name for this act in modern times is forced labor. Because these activities are taking place without government permission, it is considered to be underground. The term used for this underground activity is the black market. Human trafficking is fearful to many people that travel to any country in Europe. Organizations from every country should come together to slow down human trafficking, and eventually bring it to a complete stop. Human trafficking can only be described as a horrifying act against mankind, and needs to be put to a halt. Amongst the billions of people that live the continent of Europe; there are groups of people capturing other human beings. The main targets for these groups of people are young women that are visiting a country in Europe on vacation (Commission on Security and Cooperation in Europe 6). Human trafficking is done for many reasons, and is done in many ways. Two of the main reasons is for sexual exploitation and forced labor (Commission on Security and Cooperation in Europe 9). Mostly women are trafficked for sex, and men trafficking for forced labor. Forced labor trafficking is a major problem within Europe. In 2007, there were 12.3 million victims of human trafficking in Europe (Commission on Security and Cooperation in Europe 2). These was the most people trafficked in Europe history, thus far. Of those 12.3 million victims, 2.4 million are trafficked for forced labor (Commission on Security and Cooperation in Europe 2). Europe realizes this huge problem and has decided to take action. Organizations in Europe have setup a system where some schools teach young girls and boys how to protect their selves from an attack (Commission on Security and Cooperation in Europe 6). They figured if they teach the youth how to handle trafficking attacks the knowledge will spread. Classes such as these, will provide skills and training to defend yourself (Commission on Security and Cooperation in Europe 6). As a result, more people are educated that have the ability to pass this information off to other people that are not in the class. They can also pass this information off to their family, and kids. Human rights is the only explanation needed to prove that human trafficking is an act that is against the way of the world. “Trafficked individuals are seen as victims of human rights abuse…” (Eriksson 340). Human right plays a major role in today’s society. When human rights is mentioned, it’s almost automatic that people think of what you can and cannot do as a human being. There are many things that you are allowed to do, but human rights focuses on the things you cannot do, or is not right in the eye sight of the government. At the top of this list is that you cannot take another human being against their will. Human right applies to more case than just human trafficking. For example, your boss