The Truth About Skateboarding Essay

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Street Life

Being a skateboarder, people often think my favorite place to be isa skatepark. But the skateparks were meant to be skates the way they were built. Skateboarding is about displaying your uniqueness. To truly skate like no other person, you have to hit the streets! Being out on the road, scoping for spots, is half the fun of skateboarding. Checking benches, rails, stairs, and gaps for skate-ability opens up your mind to what tricks could be done there. Simple things like how much runway, or space, you have to do your trick, could affect the final result of your trick. For example, if there's a bench near a wall, there's a possibility that a grinding trick could end with a wall ride variation. In the past, people would not have thought it was possible, but because someone along the way looked at the obstacle differently, skateboarding evolved. All it takes is the imagination of a skateboarder who wants to step up his skateboarding game. When skaters go to the streets, it's usually because they have a trick in mind at a certain spot. To the skater, that trick he or she chose, is beautiful. Until that trick is done, the skater will hate or resent the spot. But once the trick is landed, the skater will always look back at the spot and remember the beauty he created there, making that one of of his favorite places. Skateboarders' minds think about everything through a skateboarding prospective. Spots are the biggest part of skating, and there's always more…