The Tuesday Wars Gary D. Schmidt Analysis

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In Gary D. Schmidt’s story, “The Wednesday Wars”, a boy, Holling, goes through his seventh grade year. Holling encounters various situations where he gets embarrassed and mad. These problems are created by the relationships he has with the other characters such as Mrs. Baker and Meryl Lee. He suffers to see who they really are as a person. In fact, the author also include other characters having the same problem between themselves such Mai Thi and Mrs. Bigio. As you can see, a moral the story offers is that when one lacks to understand another, havoc transpires.
As from the start, the descriptive words used in the story show how calling views his teacher, Mrs. Baker. He thinks she is evil because she has him stay in the classroom, taking tests and studying while other children were outside playing. It explains,” Of all the kids in the 7th grade at Camillo Junior High, there was one kid that mrs. Baker hated with heat whiter than the sun, me,”(Schmidt,1). This excerpt shows holling’s perspective of mrs. Baker, a person who only hated him because she couldn't find anyone else, like it was her devious plan from the start. Then she got him signed up for a Shakespeare play thinking he was really interested. On the other hand, holling doesn't really have any interest in doing the play and is pretending he likes Shakespeare, because if he
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While this is a good point, it fails to account for the number times the author mentions how important family bonds are than the number of times he mentions the idea of of really getting to know someone before you judge them. This idea is mainly expressed through the conflicts mentioned in the previous paragraphs. The author uses descriptive words and sentences, repetition, a variety of sentence lengths, and symbolism to convey this idea. To be assured, the theme that is being shown is that judging someone when you don't know them as much can lead to