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The two organisations I have decided to talk about are Oxfam and Iceland’s. The role of marketing is to understand what customers want, then finding a way to sell and promote the product. Marketing is very important in the business industry as it is a way of advertising products to the most useful target audience.

Iceland’s main target audience are mothers with young children, as the sale a lot of items that a mother can put in her child’s packed lunch, at affordable prices. The products are being advertised to mothers mainly because of the slogan the company has decided to use. There slogan is "So that's why mums go to Iceland!" The slogan is simple and very easy to remember, this also attracts the pacific target audience the organisation is aiming to attract. The use of production concept means the company can gain more customers by lowering the price of certain item, and also use things like ‘Buy One Get One Free’. This also helps the company look better than their competitors and attracts more people into wanting to shop for them. Because the company is a private sector this causes them to use there SMART targets to gain profit and also cause growth within the company. Iceland mostly advertise the products on television, which is understandable because the people they are trying to target most probably have the television on every day. Because of the slogan it is not needed for someone to actually be watching television before knowing which company is being advertised on television.

While on the other hand Oxfam is a public sector that’s receives donations from all over the world and is nationally known as a charitable organisation. Oxfam tries its best to use all donations on the purpose of the organisation, which means that the organisation itself does not make any profit. The organisation advertises what they are about in many different ways like: television, radio, leaflets, internet, articles, newspaper and many more other ways. Unlike Iceland’s, Oxfam do not have a catchy slogan to attract their target audience, instead they use