The Ultimate Gift Research Paper

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Brittany Wallace
English 1055
Ms. Hargrove
10 October 2011
The Ultimate Gift The Ultimate Gift was an amazing and inspiring movie about a young man named Jason who was going to receive 12 gifts before receiving his inheritance from his grandfather. Jason was a spoiled care free person that really didn’t value things or people like others might. I believe that his grandfather wanted to teach Jason some important things about life before he loses out on things that really matter like family, friends, and his dreams. That reminds me of how I used to be, selfish and stubborn when it came to family. I didn’t give too much focus on my family. There have been times when my family tried to include me in activities but I was always too busy or I just didn’t want to be bothered. My family hasn’t always been nice to me so I thought but there is one person in my family that has always been there for me and that person is my mother, Ms. Jana Wallace, the greatest mom in the world. She was the only one that stuck by me during hardship and pain. When I told my family I was pregnant at 17, yeah she was mad and disappointed but she never gave up on me and welcomed her grandbaby to the world with open arms. Unlike the rest of my family who belittled me and talked down to me, she was the only one to accept me and embrace my unborn child. My mom and I grew closer together and our relationship was better than ever. What I’ve learned and accepted is family is going to be family and you can’t change that so I’m thankful for the arguing and feuding as well as the smiling good times; it’s bringing us closer together. Being closer to my family is something I’ve been struggling with for a long time but I’m going to try harder for the sake of my daughter. I don’t want her to miss out on the things and the times that can be shared with loved ones. The gift of family is the most important to me of all the gifts because they are your loved ones and backbone, the people that you can confide in when things are tough. Family is the people that know you best and can be there to catch you when you fall. The gift of giving is important to me as well, it makes me feel good inside when I can give someone something that they needed or even wanted. I love to see a person’s reaction when I give them something unexpected; it is like a warming feeling goes through my body. You never know what kind of lasting impression you leave on someone’s life just by giving something simple like, giving a thirsty person a glass of water or a homeless person something to eat. I was always taught to give unto others as they will give unto you. Until this day I still believe that. Those are the same values that I try to instill in my daughter and I like to sit back and watch her share and give to others. A great example of leaving an impression on someone after I gave them something was my next door neighbor; she was a woman who always worked hard for things she owned. I mean this woman worked from 8 a.m. to 11 p.m. at the age of 52. About six months ago she became very ill and was unable to work or even afford the necessary things a person needs. She hasn’t been able to receive any help so I decided to step up and help out when I could. Every day I cooked, I always made sure she had a plate of food. When I had extra money I gave her a few dollars. She used the money for her medication, so there is never a time she spent money on herself. I don’t mind giving her things at all because if it was me in her situation, she would do the same. We have developed a long lasting friendship and I love her like she was family. Love, a four letter word with so much meaning, it’s something that I don’t take lightly. The gift of love, the most precious thing you can ask for and the good is that love is free and everyone can experience it. I’m in love with the Lord; my faith has grown so much stronger that I want