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Garfield Upchurch
Joseph Johnston
Principles of Management
November 24, 2014
The United States Air Force
The United States Air Force has been around since 1947 and has been serving the citizens of America, and the world, ever since. Disaster relief, humanitarian aid, and military power have been the primary duties of the Air Force; Serving justice and mercy to those America sees fit. Within the ranks of this organization, the duties are divided into two separate structures: The Officer side and the Enlisted side. The officer side consists of upper level management and direct communication to the commanders of the squadrons and shops. The enlisted side is the grunt work of the Air Force having to deal with the common every day jobs. Both sides have a chain of command contained within and they both involve each other.
The USAF does well in itʼs management hierarchy by employing the “solve the problem at the lowest level” concept. If there is a problem that you cannot fix yourself, then you go to one of your peers, if they cannot help, go then to your immediate supervisor. If the problem is too complex to be solved at that point, then the section chiefs of your shop get notified, and so on and so forth.
It also does well in itʼs professional environment. Being the worldʼs greatest Air
Force is no small task and with all eyes being on them, they strive for a pleasing appearance to all they may encounter. Not wishing to offend other countries but to preserve and respect the customs and practices of other cultures.


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That being said, the Air Force seems to have found itself on a slippery slope when it

comes to political-correctness and professionalism. It appears as though it has lost itʼs sense of Americanism and identity through the mud of trying to be all things to everyone. All the members of the organization suffer for this issue, airmen are only permitted to say things and worship in designated areas, hair must look a certain way, no facial hair permitted, forcing those with tattoos out of service, these are only a few of the rules that govern the lives of airmen. The USAF has forgotten why these rules were published in the first place: American Identity. It needs to reevaluate the way in which it is using these regulations.
In an organization so large it is understandable that communication sometimes is not very reliable, however in most cases, it is avoidable. The 6th AMDS for instance is horrible at communicating their hours and schedule to the rest of the base. Being a medical squadron, they are in very high demand on base and they also provide topnotch medical…