The United States Energy Information Agency Projected That Global Oil Consumption Essay

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Biofuels is a new forms of energy which are derived from biological carbon fixation and become a trend. People always say that it is a good green energy to replace the original energy forms, like diesel fuel and petrol fuel to reduce the carbon dioxide around the world(the impact) but people still argue with this energy forms because there are some advantages and disadvantages for the plant. This eassy will present the biofuels explanation, the advantages and disadvantages and find out are biofuels the solution to reducing people dependence on oil or not.
First of all, what is biofuels? Biofuels is new energy forms and also have many type of that, one of that is bioethanol, which transformed by biological, for example, various biogases, solid biomass and liquidfuels. Bioethanol is a type of alcohol that produced from food crops, like corn, sugarcane, sugar beets, sugar cane and molasses. Bioethanol are usually used for fuel for vehicles, and popular in America and in Brazil.(an inte) Moreover, biodiesel is another type of biofuels, produced from vegetable oils, animal fats, hemp, algae, flax, sunflower and plam oil. It could reduce the carbon monoxide and hydrocarbon to make it become very common in Europe.(the impact) In addition, Until 1750 to now, the carbon dioxide concentration on the earth has increase 31%(an inte), so biofuels is one of the solution to reduce the carbon dioxide.
Second of all, there are some advantages of biofuels. The one of the advantages is biofuels would reduce a large number of greenhouse gas from countries by the policies.(leakage) As a result of countries having a policies to promote the biofuels that they could reduce the carbon dioxide concentration, it is because biofuels are more beneficial to the Earth than oil. To compare with biofuels and oil, biofuels release far more less carbon dioxide than oil because bioethanol are much powerful than diesel, as result of a research, a litre of petrol and biodiesel contains 87% as much energy per litre compared with a litre of diesel. Therefore, the main benefit of biofuels is better than use fossil fuels for industry, transport, electricity generators and building thus created less greenhouse gas.(an inte p.4) The other benefit is biofuels are more easy to develop. Biofuels can develop by the cellulose raw materials. Because it is share much of the processing plant than develop the traditional raw materials. (an inte) Furthermore, biofuels are cheaper than fossil fuel in some countries. For example, in 2004, in America, biofuels costs cheaper than fossil fuel $228, in Brazil, there are cheaper $283.(an inte) If the price of biofuels keep dropping, this will be a considerable number to reduce the cost of power source.
Third of all, biofuels also exist some disadvantages. The costs of production of biofuel are higher than normal fossil fuels. The reasons are produce the biofuels are vary geographically, to make the cost increase, also, biofuels are dependent on the price of raw materials, if the price of raw materials increase, biofuels will follow to increase. (an inte) Besides, the method of production also affect the price of biofuels become higher, when producing the biofuels or refining undertaken will bring in some of by-products and waste. To deal