Essay about The United States: A Journey From an Industrialized Nation to a Global Economic Country

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Mark Hyer Careers in the Global Economy
New technologies of worldwide communication and transportation have caused great transformations to a global economic from the industrialized nation we were. The factories of yesterday that were the staple of the mainstream employment for the middle class is being exported to countries with cheaper labor, whose labor force is willing to work cheaper than the same worker in the United States is willing to get paid, making third world countries main national product the availability of cheap labor. This is changing the labor force as we now know it to a global not national level. In postwar era Americans in different income slots would all have their incomes increase at roughly the same percentage rate, unemployed would place you in a poverty status that is no longer true when it will take a two income household to keep afloat in the economic environment today. Your competitiveness as a worker will depend on how well you can serve in the new global economy. The careers that will be in demand in this new economy are what we call white collar jobs or Symbolic-Analytic services. These services entail the information highway and the emerging internet as means to carry out the daily business undertakings across the globe. We are talking about the lawyers, investment bankers, commercial bankers, management consultants, research scientists, academics, public-relations executives, real estate developers, and some accountants, advertising and marketing specialists, art directors, design engineers, architects, writers and editors, musicians, and the television and movie producers. Some of these jobs have emerged out of the “manufacturing sector”. Developing nations, Europeans, and the Japanese are just an example of nations willing to buy the American know how and other aspects of the American dream. Next we have the jobs of routine production services, which involve tasks that are repeated over and over as one step in producing a product. These will be in the careers of banking, insurance, wholesaling, retailing, and health care where an enormous amount of people are employed processing data. These will be hourly paid jobs