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Crispus Attucks

Crispus Attucks was born in 1723. Since he was a slave was not able to identify exactly where and when. He was a slave who worked on a big plantation in Framingham, Massachusetts (“Crispus Attucks,” Sweet search) His whole life he dreamt of himself being free. Then one he ran away to sea and got a job as a sailor for 20 years. He was finally free(“Crispus Attucks,” Wikipedia). He had heard that there was a problem down in Boston and went to see what was going on and saw sailors and workers screaming and yelling for freedom from the British. Then the Boston “Bloody” Massacre had broke out and Crispus Attucks was the first one to die that day, March 5, 1770 (“History,” Crispus Attucks). Crispus Attucks was important to history because he started off his life to being a slave (“Crispus Attucks,” Sweet search).Then ran away to sea and found a job to be a sailor for the next 20 years (“American Revolution: Crispus Attucks,” Thinkquest). And ever since he had died at the Boston Massacre he was very important to history. From that day forth he was known as the African-American hero because of how he never gave up (“Crispus Attucks,” Wikipedia). My inspiration for the float was his life that seemed so short but long. He didn’t really play a very important part of history but died for something that was very important to history, The Boston “Bloody” Massacre (“American Revolution: Crispus Attucks,” Thinkquest). The designs I chose in my float were stuff