The Unknown Marrige Of Miss Emily

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The Unknown Marrige of Miss Emily William Faulkner wrote "A Rose For Emily" to give evasive perceptions of Miss Emily's connection with Homer Barron. Miss Emily is living in a house that was once very beautiful, but now is full of stinch. She does not recognize the change between the new generation and her past, but the "newer generation" only feel pity for her. The towns people feel sorry for her because her father dies and leaves her only the house where she stays. They do not suppose she is crazy, but they understand she is going through a tough situation. No one seems to like the man Miss Emily loves, so they find ways to end their relationship. Homer, the man she is seeing, disapears without leaving a trace to the towns people. Miss Emily soon dies and every one is surprised to be in the house where not a soul entered. As they open a room that had been locked for over forty years, they notice the rotting body of her lover, and they discover Miss Emily has been accompanying him since he died. As James Baldwin once said,"Confronted with the impossibility of remaining faithful to one's beliefs, and the equal impossibility of becoming free of them, one can be driven to the most inhuman excesses." Emily belives the only person she loves will stay by her side for all eternity. Forshadowing, irony, and symbolism reveal Miss Emily's delusive marrige with Homer Barron. First, forshadowing revelas Miss Emily's "marrige" with Homer by letting the readers understand why Homer was the one for her. The only person she has is her father, but unfortunately he dies.When her dad dies, the only thing she gets is the house where she grows up in. The overwhelming necessity of company has to cross her mind, so she must find another loving figure that can give her the love and care as her father did.Usually, one who looses a person finds the same characteristics in another as Miss Emily does with Homer. The next two pieces of forshadowing show the readers how her obsession leads to the killing of her husband to be. The last time the towns people see Homer Barron is when he enters through Miss Emily's back, kitchen door. The disappearance of Homer, after that late evening at Miss Emily's house, can help lead to the conclusions that he is killed. As Argiro implies, these clues all point to the possibility that Miss Emily is the blame (447). Also, the neighbors complained that there is a horrible smell in her house. One night, four men sprinkled lime all around the cellars of her house without being noticed. The smell can be the outcome of a dead corpse in Miss Emily's house. The smell has to be so penetrating that many neighbors can smell the oder. Second, irony revelas Miss Emily's "marrige" by giving the reader shrouded evidence of the wedding preperations. Miss Emily's first goal is to kill Homer in order for him to stay at her side for eternity, so she goes out and buys rat poison. The aresen given to her is so strong it can "...kill anything up to an elephant."(III) In reality she will be keeping Homer by giving the rat poison to him. She is obsessed with the idea of forever love that she kills him in order to be with her until she dies. After the rat poison, Miss Emily goes to the jewelrer to buy a silver toilet set with Homer's initials on them, a suit, and a nightshirt. She plans to suit up Homer for her wedding and she even has a gift for him, although; he is not able to recieve it. Miss
Emily is in a state of delirium believing she can marry a deseaced person that she loves. Also, the room