The Unmanageable Star Performer Analysis Essay

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After reading The Unmanageable Star Performer, it is clear that there is unresolved conflict between the members of Leman Highlander & Company. Some of this stems from the organizational structure. While they have surveys that employees fill out to report and discontent or issues, there is no system of accountability to implement any changes to improve the lives of their staff. Anyone who disagrees with Vijay Kumar doesn’t voice their opinions or just leaves the company. By ignoring the issue of Vijay, they have created a dictatorship where one person controls all major decisions with little respect or tolerance of any outside opinions. Another component of the conflict arises from incompatible goals between Vijay and the rest of upper …show more content…
Both Raina and Olson touch on this in their suggestions and about making the discussion and confrontation as agreeable as possible. Vijay is only agreeable when things are going his way and no one is challenging him so it would be unwise for Stefan to point out the mistakes as Raina details in one of the scenarios. It is all about placating to the sides of the personality which Stefan knows will listen and that he can work with. Vijay is not very open to experience as shown by his inability to adapt to change. Stefan will have to explain to him that there are changes that are going to need to be made, but has to word it in a way that sounds like Vijay will be an integral part of implementing those changes. Vijay seem to display more extravert qualities in that he is very aggressive in going out and acquiring clients and not afraid to speak his mind. Vijay is very conscientious, perhaps too much so. He is extremely driven and persistent and doesn’t settle for second best. As Olson states, Stefan will need to appeal this side of him in order to not feel like he is being alienated for complaints filed against him or poor performance. That being said, his high level of conscientiousness is preventing him from connecting and communicating with his employees which could only serve to benefit both him and the firm in the long run.
In handling conflict with any individual or in any situation, it