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The constitution has made the United States of American such a successful country, It has helped the United States because of the rights it gives the citizens, and the equality it pursues. The Constitution makes both the national and state governments just as powerful as the people, which may make others want to move to the United States because of the freedom that is given. The United States of America also has been a very strong country for many, many years and the Constitution has been there and guided the country for that entire time.
One of the main reasons that the U.S has been so successful, tying in with the Constitution, is that it has three branches of government. The three different parts are the legislative, executive, and judicial branch, all of which have equal power in the government. This makes the government of the United States appealing, because as the three branches check and balance one another, the government becomes more stable. All three branches have to do with making, enforcing, and interpreting laws, making the system that the Constitution introduced to the United States crucial for laws and judgments to be made possible. This makes America an even better place to be and the Constitution even more successful because of the stability and understanding it provides to the United States’ government.
A second reason why the Constitution has been so successful, therefore making the United States so successful, are amendments. Amendments are