Outsourcing Research Paper

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Juan Bastidas
Allison Fernley
English 1010
15 November 2011
The US Economy:
What is there to do in an Outsourcing World? Outsourcing, most commonly known as “shipping jobs overseas” is an unavoidable epidemic of nature, whether you like it or not chances are you know someone who has been a victim of outsourcing. Being a victim of outsourcing myself, in the summer of 2009 working in construction, I found myself unemployed, due to a wave of unemployed mass of labor from California and Colorado who offered to do the same work for nearly half of what me and my crew were compensated. Having many things in common with my fellow discomfort brothers, I chose to write about this topic; Mainly because I finally understood what happened, who was to blame, why it happened, but most important what can we do to avoid this ugly phenomenon of outsourcing. Most People who find themselves unemployed blame the government and/or the corporations, arguing greed is the main cause or lack of patriotism. However others see the problem as just a phase that all nations go through in business, in order to make the most profit you must find ways to minimize cost. Some neutral authority figures also comment on the matter as a way to help us understand why outsourcing happens in the first place. The following is a compilation of articles from different figures with different opinions about the outsourcing dilemma, but most important a brief lesson on “what is there to do in an outsourcing world” and why I believe that we too should take some responsibility for these negative effects of this phenomenon.
"Downturn Dents Outsourcers' Optimism." Asiamoney 19.10 (2008): 5. Business Source Premier. Web. 9 Nov. 2011 “Downturn Dents Outsourcers’ Optimism” is an article written for the Asiamoney Magazine which tells the economic downturn hit in India and Asia due to the economic downturn of the U.S. and Europe (who are its main clients of outsourcing). After having many prosperous years of economic rise, the top outsourcing companies in India are being force to re-portrait their financial revenue forecast to less prosperous figures (from high %30’s to high %10’s). Mostly due to the U.S. Government policy towards outsourcing; currently the government is more likely to help a domestic company with more tax breaks, than a company who ships jobs overseas (outsources). In this article intended for the Asian business community, the author uses mostly logic to touch his audience. This article uses tons of factual figures and data comparing different dates to reach its audience to help them understand that Asian financial stability too is vulnerable to the U.S. and Europe’s government policies. This article indeed reaches its intended audience by educating them about the global market and how it similar to a cause and effect chain reaction. Asia too should worry about the stability of the U.S. and Europe economically, because opposite to common belief they are now dependent on us. This article will easily help me show how business is a tough world; many loose and only few make it to the top. While many think the supremacy of the world is shifting towards Asia, it may be so but only if we let it. This article clearly portraits the dependency that Asia has created on the U.S. seeing a different point of view will allow me to show my reader that outsourcing has little to do with politics but much more to do with business. | | | |
Herath, TejaswiniKishore, Rajiv. "Offshore Outsourcing: Risks, Challenges, And Potential Solutions." Information Systems Management 26.4 (2009): 312-326. Computer Source. Web. 14 Nov. 2011. “Offshore Outsourcing: Risks, Challenges, and Potential Solutions” is an article written by two well-known figures in their fields of finance and management as educators. This article tells and explains risks, challenges, and solution about outsourcing. One of the main topics is that while many in the states