Essay The Use of Computers in Healthcare

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Computers in Health Care
Diana Libiran
HCS 212
April 8, 2015
Professor Shawishi Haynes
Computers in Health Care
Computers are used vastly all over the world. Computers are used for research such as medical research, school research, gaming, work, and/or personal use for leisure time. Computers are also used for the forecasting of weather, the operations of machinery, and technology. The use of computers in health care is for web search, the keeping of medical records, communication between patients, doctors, and co-workers via electronic mail, and so on. Computers have been a great helping hand to everyone that has improved health care in a very positive way.
Information technology has greatly benefitted the health care industry. Information technology has helped decrease the amount of paperwork in a health care setting through the use of computers that keep medical records. Merging the “open system architecture” that should get adjusted to an already existing “information technology” in health care is highly favorable via costs in health care, productivity in health care, and effectiveness of health care (Bhaskar & Somu, 2009, para. 60). The appearance “of information technology in” the “health care industry” has benefitted everyone regarding the easy access in information via computers without having to be filed in paper form which prevents the chances of medical records being lost or stolen (Bhaskar & Somu, 2009, para. 60).
Computers have been beneficial to hospitals, clinics, and other health care setting via clinical information such as the retrieving of medical records of patients. Computers have made it possible and faster to file and store patient information without the use of a pen and a paper. Also, advancements in medical treatments have been possible through the use of advanced medical technology such as the pacemakers which is an “automated remote patient monitoring” that is technology based on the use of computers that assist in the pumping of the heart’s blood throughout a person’s body (Ashutash, 2012, para. 33). Overall, medical technology, specially the computer, has saved many lives throughout the world.
Internet use via computers has made it possible and easier for patients to stay in their homes to communicate with their doctors or nurses regarding their health issues and concerns. “Handheld technology [such as tablets] can improve access to clients’ information”, which will make communication between patients and health care staff much easier and faster (Tapper, Quinn, & Kerry, 2012, p. 5). Computer technology has evolved where everyone can now have computers, also known as tablets or mobile devices, at the palm of their hands where they can transit health information to their health care provider and receive a feedback in a matter of minutes or hours depending on the availability of their health care provider.
Ultimately, the articles’ relevance led to being chosen as support for this essay due to the articles’ credibility and information regarding the impact and importance of computers in health care. Computers will change health care through the usage of the internet and electronic mail between patients and health care workers regarding medical issues and concerns that make communication easier, faster, and more efficient. Furthermore, doctors and nurses use computers in order to record their patients’ medical history and make sure their patients are following their treatment. Health