The Use Of Drugs

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The number of people that use drugs is too high. “About 8.3 percent of all persons age 12 and over are involved in use of illegal drugs or the nonmedical use of prescription drugs” (using prescription drugs inconsistent with their labeling is illegal) ( 2012). 8.3 percent of the American population is about 20.4 million people; 20.4 million people are using illegal drugs ( 2012). The most widely abused drugs in the United States in descending order are Marijuana, Cocaine, Hallucinogens, (including Ecstasy), Methamphetamine, and Prescription drugs ( 2012) In the United States drug related crimes account for a large portion of violent crimes. We need to reduce the number of individuals that have access to illegal drugs needs to be reduced. We can reduce the access of illegal drugs in two ways: target illegal drug dealers and have them arrested, and by better educating the general public in the long-term dangers of illegal drug abuse.

The more difficult option is to target illegal drug dealers. Many of the illegal drugs in the United States come from Mexico. The US cannot cross the border and detain suspects because Mexico is a different country. The US can only target the smaller mules that actually cross the border. The US needs to team up with the Mexico government to apprehend the drug lords. Some issues that put a dampening on a possible team up with the Mexican government are where the criminals will be tried and whose laws will be followed during the investigations. Recently a daughter of a Mexican drug lord was arrested while trying to enter the San Diego using someone else’s passport (Associated Press 2012). The police would like for her to tell them all she know about her father in hopes that it will be enough to convict him, but even if she does talk there is no guarantee that it will be enough to have her father indicted. If the US cannot get enough evidence to indict him and bring her father into the US for trial then her father can continue to bring drugs into the US. Mexico is often a safe haven for drug dealer due to their corruption and more “liberal” laws.

The more effective method of controlling the amount of illegal drugs being abused is education. The above the influence advertisements shown in the US is a good start. The advertisements do however leave and/or leave out important information about the drugs. The commercials can be made more effective if they were to include the possible advantages of the drugs. Humans by nature hate the unknown, so they seek to find answers. Because the above the influence advertisements leave “out the other side of the story” I feel that people are more willing to experiment with illegal drugs to satisfy their need to conquer the unknown. The advertisements would be more effective if they included case studies or testimonials of people who face addiction. With both sides of the story the general public would be better educated and lees likely to seek illegal drugs.

Often young adults will start using drugs because of peer pressure. Young adults face stress that come from many different facets of their lives such as but not limited