The Use Of Electric Relay Types

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How it works
Incandescent lights
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The incandescent light works by having the highest possible amount of current flowing through the bulb. The more the current the more the heat produced which gets the blub to glow and thus giving of light.
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LED Lights
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LED’s are semiconductors, as electrons pass via this semiconductor the energy turns into light, Thus lighting up the bulb.
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The magnetic motor makes a conventional electromagnet. This magnetic field produces an effect on any magnetic substance when brought in the area of its magnetic field.
Can easily draw attention
Is operated electrically

Can get annoying sometimes
Could suffer an electrical shock, if buzzer hasn’t been correctly installed
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Coil or wire in a corkscrew shape wrapped around a piston. (Made of iron). Due to the creation of the magnetic field in the coils when a current is passed through it, this will determine whether the piston moves backwards or forwards.
Limited pressure drop
Fast operations

Electromagnetic machinery can wear out sometimes.
Electric Relay

A device that uses an electromagnet to mechanically pull two connections together to complete a circuit.
Has fast operations and fast resets.
Simple, compact and reliable.
Requires timely maintenances.
Transformers are required.
DC Motor
Hose reeling and winching operations
The DC motor is a