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Australian Retailer Saved By Mobile POS
From Retail Express
The devastating April storms in NSW left many businesses without power and unable to trade but with the use of the mobile POS from Retail Express, Opposite Lock were able to recommence trading with ease.
Brisbane, QLD, Australia, July 16, 2015 /PressReleasePing/ - Mobile POS is a relatively new technology often overlooked by retailers but can be a very useful tool for businesses” said founder and CEO Aaron Blackman.

“Without previously running a mobile POS in store, the Retail Express support staff had it up and running in less than 5 minutes” said Melanie Allerton, owner of the Newcastle Opposite
Lock store. He went on to say “it was the perfect opportunity to grab email addresses as our receipt printer was out of action as well”.

The option to be mobile on a showroom floor gives retailers the ability to interact with customers right where they’re browsing. Whether they need a different color or are ready to complete the sale, the ability to have the POS software running on an iPad or Android tablet is very useful.

Retailers can use the full services of Retail Express POS on most tablet devices including:

• Look up any item.
• Make a sale.
• Email a receipt.
• Take customer details for future marketing purposes.
• Do a transfer of stock to and from another store.
• Combat showrooming by being present with the customer in store and answering any questions with the required search tools on hand.

“We’ve had several of our clients report a reduction in showrooming after initiating mobile
POS in their stores” said Mr Blackman.

Given that customers are now opting for the convenience of…