Essay on The Use of Electricity and Magnetism in Our Future Transportation

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Society has advanced dramatically in the past century, and along with that transportation has shifted from the reliable horse and buggy to planes, trains, and automobiles. After the invention of the motor vehicle we have never looked back when it comes to creating innovative new designs and creating more efficient automobiles. Planes and Trains have also made a leap in the past century forever changing the time it takes to travel places. In the present time period we have massive trains engines that can pull miles and miles of train cars. We have hybrid cars that average over 50 miles per gallon, and massive planes that can carry hundreds and hundreds of people around the globe in record timing. The question is how can we make these forms …show more content…
The train would travel at “1,200kph,” and the power to push the train would come from a combination of “magnetic levitation” and the use of solar power. The purpose for the vacuum inside the tube would be to almost completely eliminate drag on the train. This is because air will not be present to an extent inside the tube. Also, if magnets were used on the train to create levitation instead of using wheels then the speed of the train could be increased to “1,600kmh” (“No loopy Idea”, 2013). The train would be propelled by a “linear-induction motor” which would initially shoot the train off, and then it would be re-propelled every “110km.” In order to slow the train down, the motors that would normally propel the train forward would now be facing the opposite direction in order to slow the train down (“No loopy Idea”, 2013). Magnetism will have a great impact on our future transportation, because of the “levitation” abilities it offers. Other future trains, besides possibly the “vac-train,” will use magnetism in more ways than trains have before. Trains will use “magnetic levitation”, or “maglev”, in order to propel them “300 plus miles an hour” (Day, n.d.). Like the “vac-train,” these so called “MagLev trains” will use “magnetic levitation” instead of wheels. Doing so will, as said before, eliminate friction between the train cars and track. The trains will be accelerated and slowed down by “a