The Value Of College

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Ziying Yao
UCWR 110
The value of college When I was in high school, the only motivation of study is going to an excellent college without knowing why I should go to college. However, recently, I always ask myself why I am in college, where I spend a large amount of money. Maybe a plenty of students think that the reason for going to college is finding a better occupation and making more money. In my opinion, the meaning of going to college goes beyond job and money. It is to explore ourselves and develop ourselves. By learning the knowledge from different categories, we are able to find out what is more attractive to us. After having a clearer picture of the world and ourselves, we could formulate goals of our life. In addition, I like the point “development of my abilities to think and express myself”. Numerous students complain that it is unreasonable for us to learn calculus, which we seldom use in our daily life. However, studying Math is an effective way to practice our thinking, rather than encouraging us to use it every single day. In “the Case Against College”, Caroline bird argues that “specific learning skills have to be acquired very early in life, perhaps even before formal schooling begin.” Undoubtedly, our learning skills are supposed to formulate before college, but we can improve them greatly in college. College is an amazing place, because it is forgivable to make mistakes and we are encouraged to make mistakes here. Nevertheless, when we