The Value Of Professionalism

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Professionalism is the direct consequence of being a professional, an individual who has a particular profession and that exercises that in accordance with social norms and pre-established rules. A professional exercises a specific task or activities in accordance with specific parameters set by general standards of conduct and morals. Therefore, the guidelines of professionalism can vary and differ. Being a professional can range from physical aspects or appearance such as wearing appropriate clothing that conveys a professional image or comply with agreed deadlines with timely delivery to moral or ethical attitude such as conduct, values, objectivity and effectiveness.

For employees professionalism encompasses both practical and moral standards. The best professional is not the one who accumulates a vast academic background, rather the one who acted best in difficult situations. Throughout my life professionalism has played a vital role. Before entering Loyola, I graduated from
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Reliability and flexibility is something that I demonstrate, among peers, teachers, family, supervisors, etc. For instance, people at work knew that they can trust me to do what I say I will do and deliver. Therefore, my boss gave me difficult projects that needed to be completed in a short amount of time. Additionally, I have learned that the work conditions can change from day to day. I also have realized that certain projects require an individual approach while others involve teamwork. My flexibility to adapt gave me the opportunity to surpass expectations whether it is at work or school. These are just a few examples of the ways I have presented myself as a professional and how others perceived me at the workplace. Ultimately, professionalism encloses interpersonal relations which means effective communication, flexibility and adaptability to physical