The Vasa Capcizes By Richard O. Mason

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The Vasa Capcizes by Richard O. Mason (original) This is a case in managing innovation and project management. It describes the demise of the Vasa, a Swedish battleship that sunk on its maiden voyage in the sixteen hundreds. The case includes discussion questions and a teaching note. It is accessible through the World Wide Web, but contains no external links.
Digital Equip Corp by Sirkka Javenpaa and Blake Ives. (original) A number of individuals within Digital had pushed for the formation of an Internet business. These included people drawn from research, engineering, sales, corporate communications, consulting, and product and industry groups within Digital. Many had taken on "virtual" responsibilities above and beyond their normal jobs to help register Internet opportunities on the radar screens of senior executives. But many questions remained unanswered. How big are the business opportunities of the Internet and Web-based technologies? How should Digital compete in the Internet market? How to add value and make money from a resource perceived as free by many? How hard, fast, and deep should Digital invest in this market given the difficult financial state of the company? How should Digital further leverage the technology internally? href="">original)

Electronic Commerce on the World Wide Web (original) This is a short case study intended to introduce students to the world of electronic commerce as currently conducted on the World Wide Web (WWW) and the Internet. It does not