The Vatican Council Essay

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Religion Assignment
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27th of March 1965 Cardinal Norman Gilroy St Mary’s Cathedral Collage Street Sydney, NSW, 2000 Dear Your Eminence, I am writing to tell you that the new changes the Second Vatican Council has created should be implemented in all churches in Sydney. There are so many benefits that the new changes provide and we need to incorporate it in all churches. The ongoing changes in our society has forced the Vatican Council to find new ways which it can keep up with the changes. Two stunning new rules that we should utilize is not saying the mass in latin but instead the language in which country you are in and having the priest face the people during mass. Imagine if you are very young, 5-7 years old sitting in church. Your first language is English and only been in the education system for 1 year. You come to church and the Priest is speaking in Latin and you barley understand a word he says. The whole mass is like this and at the end you don’t even know what you were preaching. This is the sad reality for many children in Sydney. You need to enforce the new rule that the Vatican Council has made in which mass is no longer spoken in latin but instead the language of the country you are in. This will be a much better way to operate the mass and a wider range of audiences will enjoy mass. Applying this will help everyone understand the mass especially those of a young age. Everyone will be engaged and realize what the priest is actually saying. For many years the priest has always said the mass facing the altar with his back to the people. For me personally before I knew this was a rule I felt disrespected, not even part of the mass. It felt like he was connecting with God and we (audience) weren’t. You as the bishop of Sydney has the power to change this. You need to put in action the new rule that the Vatican Council has created in which the priest faces the audience instead of having his back to the people. Having the priest face us doesn’t sound much but it makes a colossal difference. With the priest facing