The Verdict Ethics Essay

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“The Verdict” is a movie that deals with medical and legal ethics. Frank Gavin is an alcoholic who hasn’t won any of his cases in the past three years. Mickey, his former partner, gives him a medical malpractice case that is sure to settle for a large amount of money. The case of Deborah Ann Kay, a mother who was given anesthetic when she had just eaten inhaled her vomit and is now in a coma. The Donaheys, her sister and brother in law are hoping for a good settlement and Frank assures them that they have a strong case. While the case is going on he meets Laura, a woman at a bar who he falls in love with. Frank goes to visit Deborah Ann Kay in the hospital and is affected by her condition. He meets with the defendants who run the …show more content…
Dr. Towler takes a Utilitarian position. He didn’t read Deborah Ann Kay’s admittance form because he was really busy. He gave her anesthesia when she had eaten within an hour before, from him doing this she inhaled vomit and is now in a coma. He had Kaitlin Costello Pryce edit the admittance form to cover his error and told her to keep quiet about it. This totally is unethical in the sense that a doctor is supposed to follow his responsibilities and procedures for every patient. It is also unethical because he tried to cover his mistake and not give Deborah Ann Kay the justice she deserved. Dr. Towler also put Kaitlin Costello Pryce in a situation she shouldn’t have had to be in and she quit being a nurse because of it.

Dr. Gruber goes from a Deontological to Utilitarian standpoint. In the beginning he was supposed to be a witness for Frank. When Frank asks him why he’s willing to help his response was “because it’s the right thing to do, isn’t that why you’re dong it?” when Frank goes to see him for their appointment to figure everything out for court he is nowhere to be found. Concannon must have bribed him to disappear, which doesn’t go with doing the right thing.

Archbishop Brophy takes a Utilitarian position in the movie. Bishop Brophy is in charge of the Archdiocese of Boston who runs the church. His only concern is for the reputation of the hospital. He doesn’t want embarrassment to happen so he wants to settle