The Story Of My Life

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It started out like any normal day, or what seemed to be like a normal day, I went shopping at Tea Tree Plaza to get my brothers and sisters Christmas present. Aislin is not really a girly girl; she is more into trucks and guns. Even though I try to get her dolls, she chucks them on the ground to play with the trucks. Alexei, how can I describe him, he loves playing with trucks and dolls, while Dimitri is your stereotypical boy. I miss them so much; I wonder how much they have grown over the years. Anyway back to the story, I went into the bank to deposit a check I received for my scholarship at Adelaide University. I was waiting in line, when everything in my life would change.
I was waiting in line, a guy in a mask walked in with a guy shouting “EVERYONE GET TO THE GROUND”. His voice sounded so familiar. Everyone in the bank did as he said, I was petrified, and all I could think of is am I going to survive. One of the bankers got up and ran to the phone; I saw what numbers she pressed, they were 000. As soon as she pressed them he shot her, he shot her in the forehead. He walked up to the phone and said “I’m sorry my son was playing with the phone and his play gun, I’m sorry again”. I the thought ran through my mind am I going to see my family again, will I ever get to tell them I love them. I could tell he was very angry, I was just hoping that someone was coming to save us.
He yelled at the other bankers to get all of the money out of the vaults, as he was yelling I saw one girl slowly try to get out of the bank. The next thing I know he grabbed me and said “Get up now” I did what he said as I didn’t want to be shot. He grabbed the bags full of money and put me in a head lock and whispered in my ear “If you don’t scream or struggle, I won’t hurt you.” I did what he said, He walked me out side. He whispered in my ear again “If you don’t scream or struggle, I won’t hurt you.” I knew that voice, it sounded so familiar. He walked me to a car, I was surprised it was a nice car, I was expecting an older car but it was a 2012 Holden VE SS, it made me question who this was, and why he chose me to grab out of everyone. He told me to get in the car; he placed me in the back seat. He told me to put a cloth over my