The Victory of the North in the Civil War Essay

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Chapter 11 Quiz The long Civil War resulted in a victory by the North. Their success came from powerful leaders, support, brave soldiers, and advantages. They went through long, hard planning in order to make their battles a success. The war was 4 years long. The war changed many things, especially the equality of men. One reason the North took the win was because of the blockade. As the war continued the blockade of Southern ports slowly became more effective, closing the ports causing the supplies needed to fight the war unavailable. This includes medicine. The South had to rely on Europe even more than the North for supplies. The North eliminated more and more ports. The North slowly deprived the South of its ability to properly fight. By the end of the war many Confederate soldiers didn't have the ammo, food, or even effective weapons required to fight with. The North basically made it impossible for the South to fight an even battle. Another reason the North won over the South was because the Union had more men to fight the war so they could afford to lose men. Grant knew this and knew it well, which is one of the key reasons he stopped the prisoner exchange. This meant that not only was the Confederacy loosing men to death but it also lost men to the prisons. With more and more prisoners coming in on both sides, the prisons had to hold more men and have more guards to increase to chances of preventing escapes. Again, with the Union's advantage in man power it could afford to put some men to the task of prison guards. The Confederacy, on the other hand, could not afford this. They needed all their men fighting on the battle fields. And lastly one more reason the North won was time. Time was the key reason for the…