An Analysis Of 'Obsessed'

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Rashawndalin & Melody

In this episode of “Obsessed”, there are two people that have extreme cases of OCD. Rashawndalin had the extreme fear of dying; while Melody had the fear of organic and natural foods, specifically fruit, vegies, and chicken. Rashawndalin’s only reason for ever leaving the house was to go to the doctors to get checked for sicknesses. She had six cordless phones around her house in case she were to ever need to call for help and had huge anxiety attacks when she was missing only one of them. She has one child and is unemployed while the bank is warning her that they are going to foreclose her house if she doesn’t find a way to produce an income. She started having anxiety over this when one day she was told that she had pre-cancerous cells building up and later after she had an attack where she couldn’t breathe. Melody has the ultimate fear of dying from exposure to un-processed food and any type of meat that is not pre-cooked. She will not drink water as she does not trust it so the only form of liquid she drinks is soda. Her parents are concerned for her malnutrition so they are the ones setting her up to get over her anxiety. I believe that personal distress, maladaptive behavior, and medical disorder, are all abnormal signs to relate to these two people. Personal distress is shown with both people because they both have anxiety attacks a lot, and slightly depressed due to their inability to overcome their phobias. Maladaptive behavior occurs in mostly Rashawndalin because she is unable to reach her goal of providing an income for her and her son without help. Medical disorder occurs in Rashawndalin because of her pre-cancerous cells she had prior to her phobia. She never believed the cancerous cells left her body even after the doctors assured her they did. Rashawndalin seeked help from a professional after she noticed that she needed to get over her