The Vietnam War Essay

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have included a list of movies that are set during the Vietnam War. I feel that each movie showed a different and emotionally raw part of what war truly looks like on the front line. First Full Metal Jacket is a movie that follows soldier from two different views the first is boot camp and later when they are shipped off to fight during the war. I think it would be beneficial for students to see this movie because it shows our approach as a military at that time to break down our soldiers to find their weaknesses so that they can be put back together and me mentally, emotionally, and physically tough. The next movie is the Deer Hunter. The Deer Hunter is a movie about a group of long-time friends who go off to the Vietnam War together and how they all cope with what they saw and the actions they took while serving our country. I think this movie would be beneficial because I feel it shows how we as a government treated our service men as they were coming back from war. The following movie is Apocalypse Now. Apocalypse Now is a movie about a colonel sent to kill one of own who has become a traitor. I think this movie would be beneficial because I feel that it shows that we did not prepare our soldiers mentally for what was to come. The final movie is Platoon. Platoon is a movie about a soldier who has to deal with the morality of choosing what is right and wrong put up against the values of his own and the military’s values. I think this movie would be beneficial because I