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Noah Van Dyke
December 2, 2014
The Village Essay
Katy 1 The Village Themes

In the movie “The Village”, there is a common theme among the people and the way that they live their lives. Despite all of their efforts to protect innocence, interference with the balance of happiness and sorrow can lead to more destruction. The town elders believe that they are truly helping the community live safe and enjoyable lives, when really they are only making them feel more vulnerable to danger.
Throughout the film we see the relationship with Lucius and Ivy grow. Theyy talk about marriage, and it is plain to see that the two show deep feelings for each other and that they are in love. Noah is very close to Ivy and is uncomfortable with the relationship.This possibly made him feel like he would lose her friendship if she married Lucius. Jealousy is brought up within Noah and he is unable to appropriately handle it. How he releases his emotion is not as important as what emotion is released. Noah is protective but being protective and jealous is a harmful combination. He stabs Lucius and runs away, covered in the “bad color”, red. This color is what is known as a threat to the creatures beyond the village boundaries. No matter what the Elders have done to set boundaries around the community, there are still demons within the village that are too powerful to capture. There are higher things such as emotions that are unable to be interfered with. Sorrow and worry were still brought out of Noah.
There are numerous contributions to the confusion within the village but there is only a few who actually know the truth behind all the mischief. The ones who are stirring up the trouble are actually the ones trying to provide protection to the people as well as the future generation of the village. The lies and the secrets of the town Elders caused the death of
Noah. He discovered a costume that resembles the same look as the one of the creatures and wore it to scare ivy in the woods on her journey to get medicines. She was unaware that it was just Noah fooling around and she set him up to fall into a pit, breaking his body and eventually giving his last breathe. Such an unexpected tragedy came from the decisions of the elders who were only trying to do what was best for the people. If there were not any creatures to fear, there would be no need for such violence against a being in a