Analysis Of 'The V. I. P'

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"The V.I.P"

Dr. Garggle is a strong, intelligent, hardworking doctor in a busy Emergency Room. Dr. Garggle is known in the ER as "The V.I.P." He is the kind of doctor that wants his patients seen as thoroughly and efficiently as possible, He currently hold the record for most patients seen at 52 in a 12 hour shift. So you "better be able to keep up" Just because he holds as he calls it "just above average" record that doesn't mean he flies through his patients and doesn't listen to them or do everything he can to help them, he understands the urgency of them being there. Dr. Garggle has this presence about him, when he walks into a room you get that sense of warmth and compassion. Even when he has a million other things going on he makes you feel like you are the only person he needs to see or speak to. He gives you "The V.I.P"Treatment. "Dr. Garggle to the Trauma room, Dr Garggle to the Trauma room." is called overhead and in walks "The V.I.P" When he walks in his staff and patient can feel the confidence that he has, He walks straight to the patient’s bedside and introduces himself to them and the parents, Starts his assessment and calling out orders. He doesn't allow the hundred other things going on around him or that fact that he has twenty other patients to see interfere with this patient and the care they need. His entire focus is on this one patient. During what could be complete chaos he is able to maintain a calm and successful trauma team. He is also in confident and in control and his staff follows along with that same mentality. As things start to calm down the patient ask Dr. Garggle, "Why did you want to be a doctor?" and then as if the world was moving in slow motion he stops what he's doing and says "because I wanted to help people like you'" he then flashes his million dollar all is right with the world smile and goes back to what the next course of action is. "That's "The V.I.P" treatment" everyone talks about. An amazing thing to witness. As Dr. Garggle stands at the end of the patients bed arms fold across his chest one hand under his chin, You can tell he is almost debating with himself on what to do next, He then gives a little agreeing with himself nod and calls out his final order. As you watch him work his magic and see how amazing he is with his patients and staff you would think this is what he has always wanted to do, He was born to be a doctor, But you would be surprised to know that he wanted to be an actor, He took drama classes and played leading roles in school plays. But, being born in India and being raised with a strict Indian background becoming an actor wasn't really an "approved profession". Dr. Garggle says "I consider myself an introvert" because growing up he moved around a lot which didn't leave much opportunity for him to not just make friends but keep them and he has a sister that has some health issues that made him feel "like an only child” His parents stressed the