Essay about The Volkswagen Emission Scandal

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The Volkswagen Emission Scandal Introduction
The mistrust between the Volkswagen Company and their customers developed after the scandal associated with the incorrect emission of data and cheating of the system unfolded. The scandal occurred on the eighteenth of September 2015 when it was found that the company had made a car with a turbo that released emission directly into the real word atmosphere. The allegations were genuine and were proved by the Environment Protection Agency in the United States (EPA) (Hotten, 2016).The chief
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Analysis of the suppliers
The stakeholder analysis indicated that the cause of the scandal was beyond the consumers influence. For instance, there were raised speculations of whether the equipment used for engine manufacturing had any fault raising an issue that questions supplier’s reliability and honesty. However, according to the research the company should not blame the providers of the equipment and the diesel technology. The diesel that was used was environmentally friendly and clean, a report given by Denner the Bosch, chief executive. It is clear that that the company should not blame the suppliers in the sense that the equipment are not the cause of the emissions but rather manufacture himself (Keller, 2016).
Analysis of the Competitors The Company should also carry out investigations concerning her competitors. It should be established whether as speculated her fierce competitors had been involved in the scandal. Their company has developed rigorous inspection of their current emissions to see if they had also been affected or whether the emission was only present in Volkswagens product. Following the scandal, a former employee sued the company for immediate firing after the scandal. It is attributed that the employee had tried to prevent deletion of data by his coworker. He believed that