The Walk of Peace Essay

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The experience that changed my perspective of Schenectady County Community College was a walk of the college, that had took place in the fall semester of 2012 with my classmates of Business Law 2. My walk of the school was very delightful. The feeling of exploration overcame me from the commencement with my classmates. As I walked from the Classroom and proceeded through the front entrance, the high wind and fresh scent of the air was breathtaking but as the same time refreshing. The expression of my classmates’ faces was filled with excitements while others on the contrary seemed not to be bothered by the task given. In retrospect even I was thinking that the thought of a walk would not be of any help to me.
My walk started from the classroom and ended half way around the college due to my tiredness. But I must add that the few minutes of pure observation made me took my environment differently. Seeing that the weather was uncertain I was unsure as to what the place would have to offer to my interest, but the first sign of the wind gave me the feeling of assurance that this would not be as bad as I thought it would be. The flowers barely holding on to its lifeless stems swayed in the cool breeze both white and purple. As I got closer to the parking lot the skies were filled with monstrous clouds with splashes of grey scattered throughout it heavenly nature. The trees were beginning to show it change of color due to the season. I could see the hind of various shades of brown peeping me through the green foliage. As usual also there were students who just like me were enjoying the climatic change and beautiful scenery.
As my walk continued through the parking lot I noticed there were a lot of cars indicating that it was a pretty packed day for most people. At that moment, I was able to relax and take in nature’s gift. The further I continued my journey the more I could hear the sound of traffic hiding the sound of the beautiful river waters. “Yes, I had finally reached the Mohawk River”, I whispered to myself. To my surprise I was distracted from its beauty by something ever better. “Finally some real entertainment”, said my classmate Parker, as I thought to myself “what could have possibly be so entertaining”. There was a baseball game at the back of the campus. The energy of the players was very well exerted for the game seemed to be going great and the fun was spreading wildly. “If only we did not have to go back to classes” I whined, but then I realized that I really was enjoying the walk. It was exactly what I needed at that