The Walking Dead and Zombie Apocalypse Essay

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English – Tobin -­‐ Research Assignment The Walking Dead tells the story of Rick Grimes, who wakes from a coma to find a world overcome by zombies. Have you ever wondered how a zombie apocalypse could occur…or how you would survive it?

Choose one of the following questions to research. Be sure to try several different keywords/phrases to find each piece of information. As you are searching, make a note of additional keywords that you find promising.

Remember that there is no right or wrong answer, the important thing is the research process.

1. How did the zombie apocalypse begin? Was it a superflu or virus pandemic? Started by the military? What IS a zombie anyway? Focus your research on how a zombie apocalypse could occur.

2. How do you survive a zombie apocalypse? Should you build an underground bunker? Stock up on canned food and bottled water? How do you eliminate the zombie threat? Focus your research on surviving in the post-­‐apocalyptic zombie world.

A. Start by reviewing the following websites to gather keywords and phrases to use in your database

search. Multiple keywords/phrase alternatives will make your database searching more effective.

• How Zombies Work -­‐­‐vs-­‐myth/strange-­‐ creatures/zombie.htm • Zombie Preparedness Blog -­‐­‐

1. As you are searching the websites, think about the criteria in