Essay The Wall of Seperation

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The Wall of Separation
Alexis R. Hill
Liberty University

Author Note
Alexis R. Hill, Department of Early Childhood Education, Liberty University. Correspondence concerning this paper should be addressed Alexis R. Hill.

This paper will explore the term known as The Wall of Separation and how the founders of our country viewed this particular term. This paper will focus on three main documents The Declaration of Independence, The United States Constitution and Thomas Jefferson Letter to the Danbury Baptist in 1802. Many of the points in this paper will be centered on Thomas Jefferson and how his beliefs greatly affected the final outcome of these document. It will show how he was involved in much of the shaping of our country and how his views affected the other who worked with him. Lastly this paper will show how the founders came to the decision of separating the church from the government.

The Wall of Separation When this country was founded July 4,1776, the founders of our beloved country had every intention of making this nation one that was based on biblical principles. Even with the pure intentions that these great men had a Wall of Separation was still erected between our government and our church. This imaginary wall was starting to be built very early own in our country’s history starting with our very own Constitution and our Declaration of Independence, not a legal document. When writing about the wall of separation the name Thomas Jefferson is one that most would associate with this term. He was personally involved in The Declaration of Independence, The United States Constitution, and his very own Letter to Danbury Baptist. In his letter to Danbury he attempted to explain the first amendment of our US Constitution, the religious clauses. He was also writing about their concern of the federal government promoting a particular religion. It is pretty clear why the Supreme Court followed Jefferson’s opinion. A previously stated he was personally involved in al of our nations early documents. Jefferson was also involved in the Virginia Statute of Religious Liberty of 1786, which made Virginia the first state to disestablish the state church. Was Jefferson successful in his explanation to the Danbury Baptist? Maybe, due to fact that “the religious clauses” has been debated over for over 50 years. His letter also provided some legal support for a few future cases such as Reynolds v. United States, McCollum v. Board of Education, and Everson v. Board of Education. Everson v. Board of Education was the very first time the US Government actually applied the first amendment. Before this case there was very little to make of the first amendment, it was not made to protect Americans from religion but to protect religion from