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The Disney Model

Walt Disney, a name known worldwide is the most renowned animator, filmmaker, actor, screenwriter and producer in the cinematographic history. David Low, the late British political cartoonist, called Disney "the most significant figure in graphic arts since Leonardo DaVinci." But why he is so famous? Why he is considered as the most important person in an animation industry in the world?

How did one company become such a big part of the world, as we know it today, as well as so many childhood memories? Walt Disney achieved this through the Disney Model. The Disney Model has forever revolutionized the animation and film industry. They targeted to design the films that appeal the younger audience and also groups of all ages by telling epic stories of fantasy and adventure. Pixar Films also adopted the Disney Model. The Disney Model can also be described as a business model in which they tightly integrate the combination of family audience with a variety of child friendly products and services, which helps their sales.

Disney first began making animated films in the 1920’s. In the August of

1923 when he left Kansas city to go to Hollywood with nothing but a few drawings, forty dollars in his pocket, and a completed animation and live-action film. His brother Roy O. Disney and Walt Disney pulled all of their resources together and borrowed another $500 and constructed their very own camera stand in their uncle’s garage. Soon enough they received an opportunity to create the first Alice Comedy featurette. The brothers started their first production of the film in the rear of a Hollywood real estate office. This was the start of the Disney Brothers
Studios. At Roy's insistence, the company soon became the Walt Disney Studio,

since he felt that Walt's name should be emphasized. This is officially recognized as the starting date of The Walt Disney Company.

Towards the 1930’s, Disney began to market the production of animated films and also started making documentary films to expand its horizon. Disney soon started to influence not only the film industry but also the theme park industry with the grand opening of Disneyland in Anaheim, California on July 17th, 1955 with 90 million people watching on ABC. This provided the mass to feel more close to Disney and its characters by enabling the public to meet the cartoons in real life and live the experience of Disney. By 1972, the theme parks collected 221 million dollars, of which 329 million dollars Disney profited. Needless to say, these parks were just the start of the Disney Model.

Evidently this gained Disney tremendous profit, but what they did was more than just a good business move. It takes talent to make such an impact on not just the film industry but also the whole world. Disney took movies to a different level by mixing creative story telling, beautiful visuals, and the childhood wonder children have and adults want. They paved the way to make movies about mystical places and imagination, in a way that anyone could connect to. This was a big reason

Disney was so successful when they started making movies.

Another strategy Disney used to change the film industry and influence the public was by making their company a brand. Advertising their characters on millions of items like toys, clothes, games, etc. made Disney more than just a company that made movies. They made items that children could enjoy and that adults would buy their children, all while advertising their movies. This helped Disney to fulfill their Disney Model because they made a significant impact simply because before movies and film production companies weren’t necessarily brands. The advertising publicized and encouraged the making of more family friendly movies and because these products were made for all age types, the people were able to show their love and approval towards Disney by