Essay about The Walt Disney Company and Environmental Science Book

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A to Z Project

By: Zhirong Ou
Period 5

Table of Contents
Air Conditioner Page 4
Biodegradable Page 5
Cell Phones Page 6
Disney Park Page 7
Endangered Species Act Page 8
Food Culture Page 9
Garbage Page 10
Hurricanes Page 11
Indoor Air Pollution Page 12
Jobs Page 13
K Selected Species Page 14
Light Bulbs Page 15
Mutualism Page 16
Nuclear Power Plant Page 17
Obesity Page 18
Plastic Bag Page 19
Quality Management Program Page 20
Recycle Page 21
Sun Page 22
Technology Page 23
Universal Waste Page 24
Volatile Organic Compounds Page 25
Wetlands Page 26
X-Rays Page 27
Yucca Mountain Page 28
Zebra Page 29
Parent Response and Student Response Page 30
References Pages 31-35

Air Conditioner

Picture taken at 4340 Van Horne Ave (House) 5/24/13 8:42 PM

Air conditioner has been used world-wide since the 1980’s. Air conditioning provides a nice cooling effect during indoor visits or just indoor relaxation. But these air conditioners create one problem for the environment. It uses the refrigerant often called the coolant to function. But over time these chemicals will leak out of its container into the environment causing an issue. These CFC chemicals causes hazard to our ozone layer by depleting it. Families and companies should fix leakage to prevent further pollution. This is related to our class because we talked about how CFC chemicals are affecting our ozone layer which is a environmental hazard in many ways. I learned that hair sprays, and lot of people products contain CFX gases as well.
Reference: The Canon: A Whirligig Tour of the Beautiful Basics of Science (book found in the library)


Wilson High School, Tuesday, May 29, 2013
Biodegradation is the process in which materials are broken down by bacteria or other biological ways. Organic material can be degraded aerobically with oxygen, or anaerobically, without oxygen. Biodegradable matter is generally organic material such as plant and animal matter and other materials that come from living organisms. It is nature’s way of recycling products. Some artificial products are also biodegradable because they are similar enough to plant and animal matter that they can be put to use by microorganisms. Some biodegradable items include orange peels, apple cores, banana peels, carrots, wood, bones, paper, and animal defecation. However, things like cups, forks, spoons, and bags are being produced to be biodegradable. This is a picture of an orange at my school, which is biodegradable.

Cell Phones

Picture Taken at my house 5/24/13 8:58 Pm
In 2007 there are around 14 million people in the U.S recycled their used cell phones. Today, recycling your cell phone or donating them has never been easier. It benefits the community because it saves energy and keeps them out of the landfills. It’s made out of plastics metals and copper which require manufacture to produce. Recycling these products can conserve our resources and can be turned into new products. Cell phones are known to be used by seven in ten Americans. Cell phones create radiation to the brain. This is related to our class because we know that cell phones are made everywhere and people need them, at the same time they throw them away to catch up on advancement on cell phone which increase resource usage and pollution References:
Disney Park

Disneyland, Saturday, October 29, 2013
Disneyland Park is a theme park located in Anaheim, California, owned and operated by the Walt Disney Parks and Resorts of