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Assignment Five: Obsessive Compulsive Disorder- The War Inside

(My initial reaction to this film was one of shock, seeing the degree of impairment individuals who have OCD manifest. The symptoms seem to lead to anxiety, depression, and identity conflict. OCD is a disorder characterized by intrusive thoughts or obsessions and rituals known as compulsions Individuals with OCD have catastrophic, unhelpful thoughts (e.g., contamination) that perceive they need to act on. If the obsession is not acted on, anxiety builds until one engages in the compulsion, resulting in a reduction of anxiety. The compulsions are ritualistic behaviors that are not pleasurable and with limited control. The pattern of obsessive thinking and acting on it, can result in significant distress and impairment and loss of control since it might consume hours each day. Additionally, individuals might experience a stigma from having the disorder, depending on the extent to which their symptoms can be observed by others. When viewed as odd or negative by others, symptoms can become a barrier to forming healthy relationships and lead to isolation.
Because of symptoms, individuals may have difficulty with being touched or touching others. These individuals may suffer from social withdrawal, problems with hygiene and low self-esteem and self-worth. Individuals often have problems with completing or moving to a different tasks involving cleanliness such as laundry for example. The time requirements involved with the frequent practice of these ritualistic compulsions is another factor decreasing a person’s ability to function due to not being able to manage their time to complete tasks or actions involved with daily living. Even completing tasks that are simple to most people (e.g., going to grocery store) might prove to be very difficult for someone with OCD because the obsessions and compulsions make the task so difficult.
The most conventional treatment method for OCD is medication…