The War Movie: Saving Private Ryan Essay

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<About 'Saving Private Ryan'>

From books and many other sources, I read and learned a lot about war. War is horrifying, and takes away a lot of lives in a horrifying way. Movies like 'Saving Private Ryan' backs up such information with realistic and graphic visual data, though the images can differ from time to time, depending on the video's purpose and the situation it was created(and it's also always almost 'nothing' compared to the real thing, according to actual participants of the wars). 'Saving Private Ryan' itself concentrated heavily on showing realistic images. One example from the movie is when near the beginning, soldiers get slaughtered by the thousands on Omaha Beach and yet still manages to push the Germans off of it. This too fell into the category of 'a lot less than real life', but it probably was still enough to stun a lot of viewers. Characters and people getting killed and horribly mutilated before or after giving time for the audience to connect their emotions to them was in both cases shocking, at least for me. The inhumane, uncanny, and totally not planned nor heroic actions, the sudden deaths, and situations that would've been outright weird and hilarious had it not involved screaming and blood splattered around like tomato sauce clearly showed that this movie tried to be realistic, instead of trying to focus on the lies that people made to make war seem like a viable option. What was interesting was the fact that in this movie and in the actual event that inspired the movie, the highest generals of war would take interest in one soldier, and decide to pull him out of the war in Europe. Yes, I am in any way not trying to ignore the fact that his brothers died, nor the fact that it would be nothing less of a tragedy to their mother. Still, millions died in such a war. Families would be separated every day, there would have been thousands and thousands of…