The War on Drugs Essay

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The war on drugs, my future look!!! The reason I picked this topic is because the drug war seems to be a major topic for America. There is a big discussion on whether it should be legalized or not. So what I want to do is give a future look on what this drug war would look like if it were to be legalized.

What will licit and illicit drugs look like in 20 years?

Drugs will be legalized, and be regulated and not made available to just anyone. Just like tobacco and alcohol, an age limit will be required before the drugs can be purchased. Also a limit on the sale of certain drugs to any one person is a possibility as well. With drugs being legalized, they will be sold and taxed by the government, and then they could make a pretty penny off them. Drugs, legal or illegal will consume the largest market amongst all consumer products in the world. The cost of drugs sold by the government would be less than the street cost. Street value will be much higher than the actual value of the drug mainly because of the risk involved with the transfer from grower or maker to distributor to seller, and from to seller to buyer. Drugs will be cheaper legal, so no one will want to buy drugs off the street anymore. This would basically put a stop to drug dealing, which would be extremely beneficial in many ways. Violence caused from