The Waterboy's Road to the Bourbon Bowl Essay

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The Waterboys Road to the Bourbon Bowl
The record for the most sacks in a single college football game is 7. Bobby Boucher did not know that, and even though he did not know that Bobby broke that record and doubled it and then some. The character Bobby Boucher was created for the movie The Waterboy, he was then made into a reality by the director Frank Coraci, Bobby was made as a “Special” person who was the waterboy for a failing college football team. After proving to the coach that he could play some football he was helping his team win every game they played. But he was defying his mother by playing football when she told him not to. His mother was everything to him so when she became “sick” he was so distraught and sad because he thought it was his fault so he would not play in the football championship the next day. But after his mother realized that this was what he was meant to do she accepted the fact that she cannot protect her boy from everything so she told him to go play and win that football game. He then races in on an airboat with his mother and girlfriend Vicki Vallencourt into the bourbon bowl to win the game. After he helps his coach get his courage back Coach Klein makes a trick play where Bobby makes the game winning touch down pass. He then marries Vicki and at his wedding his father shows up after never seeing him and he says he wants to be Bobby’s manager for the NFL but his mother (who has not seen him for years after he left her) tackles him and brings peace to both Bobby and his
Mother. This heartwarming and funny movie shows that no matter who you are, you can become

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or do anything that you set your mind and heart out on doing. The film The Waterboy demonstrates the Heros Journey structure through the character of Bobby Boucher's Refusal of the call, his call to adventure, and his road of trials. The film The Waterboy demonstrates the Heros Journey through Bobby Boucher’s the call to adventure. This is the first step in the Heros Journey. The call to adventure is when a hero has received the offer to go on their Journey. Everyone who wants to become a hero needs to obtain the call to adventure because this is the first step that they need to take. A journey is not able to be started without this crucial step of the Heros Journey. No matter what even with a refusal the hero will eventually overcome and start out his/her journey with this call to adventure.
In the The Waterboy Bobby Boucher has the chance to play on the football team when Coach
Klein offered Bobby his Call to Adventure. Coach Klein says to Bobby “I would be honored if you played football for this team” (The Waterboy). This quote is important because it represents
Bobby’s Call to adventure when Coach Klein asked Bobby to play for his team and finally begin his journey. Bobby had mixed emotions for example he was scared because his mother told him not to, but at the same time he was excited to play for Coach Klein and make new friends, but shortly after these scary feelings he knew that he wanted to play for Coach Kleins football team. In the film The Waterboy it demonstrates the Heros Journey through Bobby Boucher’s refusal of the call. The refusal of the call is when a hero has received their call to adventure and is unwilling to go on that Journey. This occurs many times in a story that includes a hero. But even though these characters have been put in a situation where they thought it was wrong but

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they later figure out that the journey is their destiny and go forward with it. Bobby although did not refuse when asked to play football… his mother did. Bobby’s mother refused to let him play football because she wanted to protect him from the outside world like she has done his whole life. Bobby’s mother says that many thing are wrong and especially things that can hurt her son