The Wave: Would It Spread Like The Holocaust?

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If the setting of The Wave would change would it spread like the holocaust?
Could of The Wave become much larger or have the same effect as WWII or was the setting more important than the theme? Well the setting of the wave was in a school they made the wave experiment and it went too far. But if it was on a much larger scale it might of not been able to be stopped, for example when this was on a much larger scale like in the holocaust were it took place in germany. This tragic event in world history caused millions and millions of deaths. Not only Jewish people but other people around the world trying to fight them, they all died at the hands of one terrible man. Adolf Hitler, this man put people in concentration camps burned them alive and made people suffer. This Didn't happen in The Wave but the kids in the school did follow the idea that the students came up with and if it was on a much larger scale it might of been able to happen in that same area.
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This was also on a way much larger scale then the wave which made it much, much easier for the idea and the concept to spread throughout germany and even other countries in europe this made it easier for the Nazi's to get people to support him in his crazy ideas. If the idea was in the setting of The Wave, then it would be harder for the idea to spread because there is not as much or even near the amount of people that there are in germany in the school. This would've made it much harder for the spread of the idea and the Nazi party to be brought up