The Way I Identify When I M Angry

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College 101
September 12, 2013
The way I identify when I’m angry is I’m quiet, short with people like if you ask me anything or try talking to me ill just answer you with a simple answer. It is really easy to know when I’m mad, because I’m always smiling and happy. I like to joke around a lot and laugh; I also like making people happy. My friends use to tell me if I’m not happy no one is and I kind of thought it was true, because one time in class in high school I was mad and no one talked in class. It’s a good thing I’m happier than I am mad. It takes a lot to get me mad but when I get mad it is just best to just leave me alone. I’ve never tried to hurt myself, because I know it’s not worth taking my life or attempting to. I just could not do it, because there are people out in the world fighting for their lives and I wouldn’t like to take mine away just because I had a bad day or someone made it a bad day. I wouldn’t hurt anyone when I’m mad I might say something’s I might regret later. I think I’ve alone hurt one person in my whole life when I was mad. This girl in middle school was being mean to me and she made me mad so I just punched her in the face. I did feel bad and she did deserve it at the time, but violence isn’t the answer to problems. So when I’m mad I listen to music and go play softball and hit or just cry and let it out. I like to be alone when I’m mad, because it gives me time to get myself back together and think about everything I like to write down things that are going on and at the end just rip it and throw it away. I’m not the type of person to talk about my problems and people say it’s bad to hold everything in and not let everything out, but it works out good for me.
I think I am special, because I can make people happy and smile. I’m a positive person and I have a good head on my shoulders, I know what I want in life and I’m determined to go get it, and not let anyone stop me from getting where I want to be. I want nothing but the best for myself and other people. Some people might be rude to me and other people but they deserve to the best to. We don’t need to