Essay The Ways We Lie - Identical By Ellen Hopkins

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Work Diary #1: The Ways We Lie

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Date: November.7th/ ’13
The White Lie

1. At this point in the novel, Kaeleigh is walking home from school when her teacher sees her. Mr. Lawler is her history teacher whom she happens to have a giant crush on; he invites her to get in his car for a ride home. Kaeleigh knows it’s wrong to be with her teacher in his car, but feels pressured by him to say yes and not be rude;

Don’t you trust me Kaeleigh? So I say Of course I trust you. Thank you for offering (75)

Kaeleigh knows denying his ride home may mean awkwardness in class and may come off as rude. Kaeleigh’s dad is very strict though and does not let her go in cars with anyone, so she knows she and her teacher can get in a lot of trouble. Kaeleigh tells a white lie because it is so much easier than telling the truth, she also does not want to hurt Mr.Lawlers feelings. Kaeleigh was risky telling this lie, because if Mr.Lawler found out how uncomfortable it made her, he could be very embarrassed and awkward.

2. Kaeleigh and Raeanne are Identical twins with very different personalities, when their mother returns home after many business trips they react in different ways. Kaeleigh wants to spend time with her mother and catch up, whereas Raeanne spites her mother and does not want to speak with her. Whenever Kaeleigh’s mom leaves for her political business trips are when all her demons appear, her dad has sexually abused her from the time she was young. Even at sixteen he continues to when her mother is not home, so whenever she does come home Kaeleigh cherishes it. Her mom knows something is wrong, but everyone is too scared to say anything or confront anyone;
I go over to her, wrap my arms around her neck. Thank you. But I’m okay. Of course she knows it’s a lie. (118)
Kaeleigh’s mom never calls to check up, and when visiting usually is too busy fighting with her husband to make time for her daughter. Kaeleigh’s mom only bothers to ask how she is once her husband is drunk on the couch and she has drunk a bottle of wine herself. The entire Gardella family knows how corrupt their home is, but no one will do anything to change anything. After “the accident” Kay (the mother) is always away, Ray (the father) is sexually and emotionally abusing his daughter. Everyone knows Kaeleigh is struggling, but the only person there for her is her twin sister. This type of white lie is very dangerous to this family because the lies grow and grow. The family feels as if lying is easier than facing the truth in many situations, this type of lie is very dangerous because it can easily escalate to something much bigger.

1. Kaeleigh and Raeanne are just starting to get used to their mother around, but she soon announces she will be leaving shortly to go to Washington. Kaeleigh is very upset by this and is clearly upset, she knows what to expect as soon as her mother leaves. Alcohol always brings out the truth with this family, but no one will ever do anything. Everyone is too afraid of the media grabbing a hold of their corrupt family life;
She turns, looks me in the eye. Love you too. She pauses, stutters, a…are you…all right? ... No, I say simply. Wineglass in hand, I start to leave, turn to see her choke back a sob (97)
Kaeleigh gets some reassurance from her mother when she asks if she’s all right, even though her mother has faced the truth she still does not care enough to do anything about it. Kaeleigh feels as if it’s too much work for her mother to think about anyone but herself. Kaeleighs mom ignores feelings in any encounter with her daughters, showing dismissal. Kay (the mother) tries to distract herself from the facts; this is very dangerous for her daughter though. If everyone keeps ignoring her feelings she could fade away right in front of their eyes.
2. Kaeleigh and Raeanne have suspicion that their