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Managing Business Web Presence MADE5009

Assignment 1

Web Presence Review
Outline - You are required to conduct a critical review of web design which will enable you to demonstrate your understanding of the theory and processes involved in the initiation, design and use of the web in a business environment. It will enable you to evaluate and identify examples of best practice in the industry and encourage you to apply them to your own thinking.

You are required to choose a company or organization and critically review all aspects of its external web presence. This includes not only their main web site but also their use of social networking sites (SNS) such as Facebook, Youtube and Twitter and the mobile web. The review criteria should include design, content, functionality, ease of use, technology, media, navigation, attractors, management, appropriateness for target user, brand support and accessibility.

For more ideas on review criteria please look at:

10 CRITERIA TO EVALUATE A WEBSITE 14 Website Design Guidelines As part of the review you should also consider the web presence of the chosen company’s key competitors as well as an outline of key recommendations for improvement.

The review itself