Why So Many Marriages End In Divorce

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the reason why so many marriages end in divorce So often many couples forget the true meaning of marriage. This may come from the stress and strain of everyday living, which can bring about different trials and issues in life. Couples often lose a sense of direction within their relationship, which can cause them to lose sight of the reason for their commitments to one another. Couples should remember their vows stated for better or worse. Although life is not easy, neither is love and trying to stay in love is even harder. However, this can lead to the many of reasons why so many marriages fail like; lack of trust, communication, infidelity and even abuse. All of which are contributing factors that can play a major role in the many reasons why so many marriages end in divorce. Marriage is supposed to be a commitment made between two people in love. However, it is known that communication and trust plays an important role in it as well. For this reason, it is the foundation that strengthens and holds it together. Like anything in life, marriages takes a lot of work and with that being said, nothing in life comes easy. Couples have to be able to withstand the many obstacles in life that may come along the way. Occasionally, things will get hard. One may not be able to speak openly about different aspects of life, which may affect the relationship that can lead to marital woes. For example, keeping secrets or not being honest about things just because it may not seem important could be an issue. On the other hand, maybe it would be best just not to say anything. One reason being is because the fighting and arguing has become so tiresome. Connecting with each other and being able to have that line of communication is very important, but sometimes just seems impossible. For this purpose, one may start to feel like: the more I try the worse it gets, so why even try. One may fail to realize and understand that keeping things from each other is unhealthy for a marriage or any type of relationship. Consequently, it may lead to other problems to where a person may start to look for that attention elsewhere. A lack of communication and trust can often lead to infidelity in so many marriages. When the thought of infidelity enters the marriage, the outcome sometimes can be devastating. Everybody wants to have some type of bond with their spouse. When a person is not getting this attention, they start to feel ignored or even may feel a sense of loneliness. Naturally, they will start to look for these things outside of the relationship. For instance, just having that somebody to listen to all of their problems, or having them to put a smile upon one’s face is such a good feeling, especially when one do not have this at home. Consequently, all these things can lead to infidelity. However, it is not right, but the idea of knowing there is someone listening and being able to understand, often makes couples lose sight of what that really should be focusing on. For this purpose, it will start to take an effect on any marriage, making spouses have less interest in the person at home. This may sometimes make them become suspicious of these actions, causing them to question ones loyalty and loving them. Once the love is lost, it is hard to regain a person’s trust which can lead to one of the main reasons, why